There is an integration guide for Race Director Go here.

If you have not already done so you can create an RSU user account from Tailor > Options > Partner Setup when you have Race Director Go (RSU) selected from the Integration Partner dropdown: 

Once you have an RSU account you will need to login to it through this dialog using your RunSignUp user email address and password.

Then you will need to upload the race to RSU by clicking Assign and typing in the year of the race you are working on. Next you will need to enter some information for the race in the right hand section of the next dialog:

Once complete, click Add Current Race to RSU.

At this time you can upload participant data, or do it later on as explained in the guide, as well as in this how-to:

You can also use what is called "Live Mode" to automatically send additions and changes made on the Update Participants page as explained in a video here:

If you do not use Live Mode, or your source of participants is from a spreadsheet (not entered one-by-one in Update Participants) you will need to upload this data in bulk as explained earlier.

Once participant data is uploaded you can upload results to RSU from the Chip Import dialog either automatically with each upload by selecting Auto After Import, or manually by selecting Manual and clicking the Publish Live Results button.