Found on menu File -> New

The purpose of this screen is to allow for the setup of a completely new race.  The following pieces of information are required to set up a race -

Race Number

This is the number (1-999) that uniquely defines the race.  The number entered must be a number that hasn't been assigned to any other race.  To see a list of races that have already been set up, select the Open option on the Race menu.

Race ID

This number usually represents the year of the race, although any 4 digit number can be used.  The Race ID will change from occurrence to occurrence of the same race (usually from year to year).  When setting up a new race, the current year is prompted as the assumed value for the Race ID.

Race Date

Date of the race.  This date is used to calculate or verify a participant's age if you enter birth dates.

Race Name

Name of the race.  There can be a unique name for each Race ID within a Race Number.

Copy Race

The window on the right side of the screen shows all races set up on the system.  If you want the new race to be a copy of an existing race, select the race you want to base the new race on from this window.  If you want to un-select a race, double click on that race.  The following questions are asked when you attempt to copy one race from another:

Copy all Participants from selected race?

If you answer "Yes", the participants from the race selected are copied along with all of the setup information for the race.  If you answer "No", only the race setup information will be copied.

Do you want results erased?

When you copy the participants, you will also be asked about results.  If you respond "Yes" then all of the posted results from the race being copied will be copied to the new race.

Keep Original bib numbers or assign new ones?

If you want different bib numbers in the race being created, select "Assign New".  If you select to assign new bib numbers, you will be asked to provide the beginning bib number.  New bib numbers will be assigned sequentially (incrementing by one for each participant) in the order of the original bib numbers from the race being copied.  There will be no gaps in bib numbers in the new race, even in gaps exist in the race being copied.

Bib / Chip assignments cleared?

If you are copying a race that was set up as a chip race, you can choose whether or not the chip assignments are also copied.

List Sequence

Click the column heading to sequence the list based on the contents of that column.  Each time you select a column heading the sequencing will toggle between ascending and descending.