When importing participant data from a spreadsheet or Race Director Export File, you are given an option to “Process as Changes”. This feature changes the way that The Race Director interprets the data imported, and is meant to be used if you would like to update some or all current participants with some new data. When the import process is run in this mode, The Race Director looks for either Bib Number, or Online Registration ID, and any number or other columns of data to update your current records with.

Note: you cannot import new entries by using Process as Changes. Any bib numbers or registration ID’s that are not currently in your database will be ignored.

This feature is found in “Update Participants” > “Imp” > “Process as Changes”


When running this import it is important that you provide Bib Number or Online Registration ID in order to identify each update that  you are making, and at least one column of data that you would like to be updated. This is nice to use if you need to update wave data, or shirt sizes in bulk.