Found on menu Tailor -> Options -> Chip Setup

If you are scoring this race with a chip system, specify the chip system used here.


With chip scoring, the system is usually setup to record a "start time" for every participant.  This represents the time elapsed between when the race started (gun goes off) and when the participant reaches the starting line.  This time increment is stored as The Race Director's Wave Offset time.

A radio button box appears whenever you activate Chip Scoring.  This gives you the option of determining how the finish sequence should be calculated.  If you choose "Gun To Finish Chip" the system will not back out the "start time" and the finish report should reflect how the participants actually crossed the finish line.  


The start time, in this case, does print on the finish reports, it's just not used in the determination of the finish sequence.  If you choose Start Chip to Finish Chip, the system will subtract the "start time" from the finisher's actual time and re-sequence the finish order based on the net time.  Note: when the race is scored by chip time, but the top finishers are shown by gun time, the top finisher chip time still shows on the results report - even though they are scored by gun time.  This is done in the results calculation program.  You can change this option, re-calculate results and print the reports to get which ever effect you are after.


There is also a check-box that lets you specify that the pace should be based on the chip time regardless of how the race is scored.

When you score the race by "Start Chip to Finish Chip", you are given a checkbox where you specify Top Finishers are to be scored by their gun time instead of their chip time.  Top Finishers are defined on the "Age Bands" set up screen.

Valid Chip Codes - For races set up for ChampionChip, Race Director will validate whether or not the chip codes entered are valid ChampionChip codes.  See Add / Update Participant Data for more information on how chip code validation works.  In some situations (Single Use Chips), you may not want this validation done.  If this is the case, use the checkbox provided on this screen.

Use Bib - Chip Cross Reference - This is for ChronoTrack only.  When checked, you are allowed to set up a bib to chip cross reference (see Bib-Chip Assignments).  This allows for re-using left over tags from a previous event.  For example, if bib tags 501 through 1000 are available from a prior race, but you have bib numbers 1 to 500 for the current race you can set up cross references where chip 501 is assigned to bib 1, chip 502 is assigned to bib 2, etc.

Consider Date When Importing Times - IPICO and Accuchip only.  This setting would only be needed for endurance events that extend from one day to another.  In situations like this, the date is included on each time record coming from the chip system.  The chip results import uses the date from the chip record and the race date to calculate the correct time.  For example, if the race date in July 1 and the gun time is 8 am, a chip result record with a time of 09:30:00.00 would result in a finish result time of 01:30:00.00 if the date on the result record is July 1 and a result time of 25:30:00.00 if the date on the result record is July 2.

Track Permanent Chip Codes - IPICO, ChampionChip and AMB only.  Use this setting to indicate that you want to track chip codes permanently assigned to individual participants.  Once set, a field will be available on the Update -> Participants screen for entering a participants chip code.  This chip code is also saved on the master participant record, so that when this participant's data is pulled forward in future races, the chip code comes along.  See the help for Update -> Participants to see how the IPICO registration reader can be used for maintaining the permanent chip code on this screen.

Use Start / Finish Direct Connect Screen - IPICO.  Use this only for the scenario where you are using a single IPICO reader to collect both a start time and a finish time.  It's important in this scenario that you have two reads for each participant from the same reader - a start read and a finish read.  With this setting checked, you will be given a special Direct Connect screen that connects to a single reader.  When connected, the first read encountered for each chip will be counted as a start read and the second read will be counted as a finish read and will be imported accordingly when you do the chip results import in Race Director.  When you start up the Direct Connect screen in this mode, there will be a spot to enter the gap factor - the amount of time required between a first and second occurrence for the chip reads.

Number of Direct Connect Readers - This setting determines the type of Direct Connect screen that you will see.  If this setting is 2 or more, your Direct Connect screen will allow you to connect to multiple readers.  If this setting is 1, you will only be able to connect to a single reader, but with this single connection, you will be able to record up to 6 result occurrences per participant.

Chip in Bib (No bib to chip x-ref needed)  This setting will be visible only if you choose the MyLaps chip system.  For their BibTag chips, the bib number is normally contained in positions 3-7 of the chip code.  If this is the case, there is no need for a chip to bib cross reference - chip results can be imported without this.

Use Start / Finish Direct Connect Screen - IPICO Only.  If you have a single segment race scenario where you are using the same equipment to record both start times AND finish times, use this setting.  When  yo run the Direct Connect process, you will be given a much simpler screen where you only can connect to a single reader.  On this screen, you must enter a "Gap Factor".  The gap factor is expressed in minutes and represents the minimum amount of time needed between reads to make a second occurrence a valid finish time.  When in this mode, both start and finish reads are sent to Race Director.  If a start line read is not picked up by the reader, the finish read will come through as a start read.

Alerts - Use this button when you wish to pre set alert prompts that will occur when you're importing chip system reads.  These are set by bib number / timing point / occurrence.  For example, if you have a special needs athlete and the race director wants to be informed when they finish, you can set their bib number up on the Alert grid for the Finish Line timing point.  When you import a chip read file for the finish line that contains this participants chip read, a prompt will appear alerting you there has been a finish result.

Xact Race  See Xact Services Documentation for more information.