This guide will walk you through how to create divisions in The Race Director so you can score groupings of participants together with their own separate Age Group Standings


Getting Started

The Division setup dialog can be found by navigating to the “Tailor” dropdown on your main toolbar, then selecting “Divisions”.


When you select this you will be brought to the Division Setup dialog


This dialog will allow you to create, edit, and delete Divisions from this race.

It is important to understand that a few features found in this dialog are specific to the division that is currently selected from the “Current Divisions” section, and that certain features will show or dissapear based on settings defined elsewhere in Race Director.

These include any of the settings found beneath the “Current Divisions” selection and the “Update Age Groups” button found on the right hand side.

Editing an Existing Division

To get started select the Division name that you would like to edit from the “Current Divisions” selection box. This box will show the Division Number along with the Division Name of all Divisions created in this Race.


You’ll notice that when you select a Division the fields below change to reflect the settings related to this specific division.

Division Number

The Division Number is set when you create a new division, and cannot be edited after creation. If possible it is nice to set this number to something recognizable like 5 for a 5k division, 13 for Half Marathon division, etc. as you will have to enter in the Division Number when doing data entry to assign a Participant to a Division.

Division Name

The Division Name can be whatever you would like to enter to define this Division that is recognizable to you. This would most likely be the distance of the event, or a sub-category of a Race that is scored separately.

Short Name

The Short Name is optional - and will replace the Division Name in the headers of certain reports to save horizontal space if there is an entry in it.


The Distance should be set to the numerical distance of the division you are working with. You can select the units to the right of the Distance text box which will change how Race Director calculates Pace for this Division.

Selecting the “Race” option will bring up a secondary dialog which will allow you to use a custom distance definition that will calculate pace based on the participants finish time divided by the value that you have entered into the Distance field. The most common use case is for cycling events where participants expect to see their pace displayed in miles per hour, not minutes per mile. For that scenario you would enter mph into the “Rate Tag”, and Race Director will calculate their average mph as their total time divided by the distance assigned to the Division that they are entered in.

This should cover most of your needs for a basic race setup. If you have more questions about the additional features found on the Tailor Divisions Dialog, please see the help link at the bottom of the dialog.