This guide will walk you through the settings necessary to have your results ready for awards presentations as soon as possible, in a format that is easy for race directors to read and understand. This guide will assume that you already have tailored Age Groups for your race.

Set Top Finishers

The first step in this process will be to define your Top Finisher Bands. Top Finisher Bands allow a user-defined number of finishers to be taken out of their Age Groupings to be scored in a separate band. The most common use for this feature is to create an Overall band to take out the first few finishers in each gender, regardless of age. You can also use Set Top Finishers to define Masters, Veterans, and even custom categories.

This function is found in the bottom-right part of the Tailor Divisions menu as a button in the sidebar.


The first thing that you’ll need to do is to decide if you want to define different Top Finisher Bands for each division, or if all divisions have the same overall awards structure. If all divisions have the same top finisher structure, then you can select “Race Defaults” from the “Bandings For” dropdown. Otherwise select the Division that you would like to assign Top Finishers for.


Below you can see the process to add new Top Finisher Bands. In this scenario I wanted to set up three different bands: one for Open (all ages), one for Masters (ages 40+), and one for Veterans (ages 50+).

First select Add Band, and add in a Short Description if you like. Next you’ll need to select the number of Top Finishers to separate out from age group winners using the boxes labelled Male and Female. In this case I wanted the top 5 males and the top 5 females to be pulled out of their age groups.

Then you can go on to add in the next band by clicking Add Band again. Notice that the “From Age” and “Seq” settings both jumped to 40. The “From Age” value is the lowest age that qualifies for this band, and 40 is the most common secondary overall band.

You can continue on adding bands by clicking add band and adjusting the number of top finishers in each. You can delete Age Bands by first selecting the Age Band that you would like to delete, then clicking the “Delete Band” button. Once you are satisfied with your Top Finishers setup, be sure to click the “Save” button before you exit the dialog.

This basic walkthrough should get you through most setups. If you need to setup something more complicated that involves higher age bands jumping into lower age bands, take a look at the documentation by clicking the “Help” link at the bottom left corner of the dialog.


Set Age Group Award Winners

The Race Director allows users to define how many finishers in each age group should be considered for awards. This is commonly referred to as how “deep” this race goes in it’s age groups. You will need to set this value for each age band that you have created in Tailor > Divisions > Update Age Groups.

Remember that the Update Age Groups button only applies to the Division that is currently selected in the upper-left “Current Divisions” section of the Tailor Divisions dialog. If you need to assign age group award winners to multiple divisions, you will need to do so for each Division.

There are two ways that you can update Award Winners for an Age Band. You can either do it by clicking on the Age Band that you want to set award winners for, or by using the “Browse” feature in order to edit multiple age bands quickly.


Customize The Age Group Report

The final step in producing an awards printout is to enable the “Award Winners Only” feature found in the Reports > Reports > Results Reports > Age Group Report.



This feature will limit the amount of participants on the Age Group Report to only those marked as Award Winners which will make the awards presentation much easier for the race director or announcer.

Be sure to disable this setting when running final Age Group standings if you want to print a full Age Group standings report.

One thing to note about the Age Group Results report is that the Top Finisher bands will be printed on their own page, you’ll need to click through the print preview to see your Age Group bands.