The Race Director has a $495 new user fee  Including:

  • Software activation
  • Training - I will work with you and your race committee with over-the-phone training. This will include my review of your race setup.
  • Result Entry Practice - We will go through a very thorough process of ensuring that you are using state of the art finish line procedures. I'll guide you through sorting out how you assign finish line responsibilities to your crew. I'll help you through several finish line practice sessions - to make sure that come race day you have full confidence in how to operate the system.
  • Support - 1 Year of Normal Support including Phone and email support. I'll be available via cell phone on race day as well.
  • Data Conversion - Includes conversion of any participant data available from prior year races.
  • System Updates - Includes changes to the system (within reason) to meet your races specific requirements.

After the first year you are required to pay a support fee annually to have access to the most recent software as well as have access to our support. There are different levels based on how large your business is.

  • Normal Support $150 - You do not use Race Director as a part of a commercial timing service and expect to use the system for more than one race annually.
  • Single Race $75 - You use Race Director for one race annually and were covered by a support plan last year. Please provide the name of the race and the 2017 race date via email.
  • Commercial $300 - You use Race Director as a part of your commercial timing business. With this plan, you gain unlimited support and a few custom software changes during the year.
  • Extended $600 - With this plan, you gain unlimited support and access to Race Director 2017 as it is developed. Enhancement suggestions will be added directly to RD 2017 whenever possible - otherwise a custom solution will be provided.